U-Group, llc, Policies/Communication/Auditions/Evaluations

U-Shin Group, llc, dba, UGA Talent, was formed in 2015 as a full service talent agency focused on the Talent, providing them with all the tools in order to become successful without any charge beyond commissions. The agency is built on the foundations of community and transparency. 

Areas of Representation: Legit, On-Camera Commercial, Print, Literary, Above-the-Line, Packaging, and Social Talent.

Mission: To have 100% of UGA’s roster composed of Series Leads,Regulars, and Guest Stars. Along with Film, Theater, Commercial, and Print bookings along the way.

Agency Official Name: U-Shin Group, llc

Agency Info: SAG/AFTRA Franchised, NY Licensed and Bonded.

Address: 11 Broadway, Suite 366, NY, NY 10004

Public Office Number: (646) 883-5219, ugatalent@gmail.com
U-Shin, Packaging/Legit: (917) 907-4663, ushin@ugatalent.com
Marie, Legit: (646) 685-3902, marie@ugatalent.com
Chase, Commercial/Print: (917) 475-6633, chase@ugatalent.com
Liz, Literary: (323) 538-3761, liz@ugatalent.com

UGA Talent is a SIGN ONLY Talent agency for Legit, Literary, Above-the-Line.

Commission Rates: 
10% On-camera, TV, Film, Stage, Literary, Above-the-Line
20% Print, Live Hosted events

Agency and Talent Communication

All communications between Agency and Client will be from 9am to 6pm, Mon-Fri, unless it’s in regards to an audition or booking.

Auditions / Appointments will be communicated to the talent via text, then call, then email. Please respond to messages within 15 to 30 minutes. No later than one hour, as Casting might give away an unconfirmed appointment after an hour.

Please confirm all appointments with specific confirmations for every detail of the appointment. This might include outside dates, conflicts, network past employment, passport details, etc. Every question from casting needs to be answered. 

An email will follow the confirmation with all details of the appointment. Please keep all details.

All communications for an audition must be between the Agent and Casting, Agent and Talent, but never Casting and Talent, until the Talent is booked for the project. 

If you happen to get contacted directly from Casting, please set the appointment and notify that you are represented by UGA. Then include your agent in the conversation via email.

Auditions/Self Tapes

Every audition is important, but some have more weight then others. In moments of important auditions, I will request that you get coached. If you do or not, it will be entirely up to you. A list of Agency Recommended Coaches will be proved. It’s also encouraged to let UGA know if you have a great coach.

In-person audition:
Please make sure that you arrive to each appointment at least 10 minutes early. Please do NOT sign-in immediately upon arrival. Please look for revised sides, do what you need to do, and then sign in when you are 100% ready. Always bring a headshot and resume.

Self tapes have been super important for getting our foot in the door for big projects. It’s recommended that you find a self tape recording studio that you can work with. SAG members have a free option at their office. We suggest you make one at home with a few lights, a solid color wall, and an iPhone holder with tripod.

Please also get yourself familiar with iMovie or some other video editing software.

Also get a few different people lined up that you might be able to have as a reader in a pinch.

Please submit all self-tape requests via eco-cast. If the request is not from Actors Access / Breakdown, then the tape must be submitted to UGA via www.wetransfer.com and vimeo.com as a link with setting for: only people with a link can view. Please only send tapes to UGA and not to the casting directly.

Marketing Materials

UGA Talent may provide with Talent marketing materials such as headshots, 7 second slates, and videos produced from short form content in partnership with an outside production company. Talent will be free to use all materials to promote themselves in conjunction with UGA Talent. If the Talent leaves UGA Talent, all materials will not be used by either Talent or UGA Talent. 

Monthly Evaluations and Audition Buddies

Its’s highly recommended, but not required that you actively participate in monthly evaluations and audition buddies. It’s also encouraged to form small groups to get together and practice auditioning. A list will be available to sign up if you wish to participate in the small groups as well as small projects.

UGA & Self Produced Content

Every few months UGA with Visualgnome will create short form content for Talent use, as well for the Agency to help promote the clients in the agency. UGA highly recommend that you also start your own YouTube channel and create a simple project every week.