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#intelligent #vivacious #Genuine #passionate #funny #diligent 

Soraya's 7 Sec Slate

soraya's Skills:

  • Pilates ✭✭
  • New York Accent ✭✭✭✭✭
  • Jazz, Ballet, Tapp ✭✭✭

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Soraya is a dynamic actress and voice artist who currently lives in Brooklyn, but originally hails from Boston and can certainly “pahk the cahr”. She loves to travel and is genuinely curious about different cultures. She believes the arts in all mediums help us to express our humanity and is what connects us all together on this planet. This curiosity into the human condition helps Soraya bring depth, dimension and intelligence to life in the characters she portrays.
Soraya is grateful to be a story teller. She is currently writing a children’s book in her spare time. Soraya absolutely has the gift of gab and has never, ever, ever met a stranger.

Roles typically played by Soraya