JES's On Camera Essence:
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Jes's 7 Sec Slate

JES's Skills:

  • Pilates ✭✭
  • New York Accent ✭✭✭✭✭
  • Jazz, Ballet, Tapp ✭✭✭

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Jes Dugger

My name is Jes and I’m an actress, writer, and standup comic who has made more than one rap video. To the naked eye (put some clothes on!), I may seem like just another girl trying to get on Broad City. This is totally true, but I’m some other things too. I’ve appeared on Homeland as a nosy neighbor (with ten lines!) alongside Mandy Patinkin, and a know-it-all college kid on the CW’s One Tree Hill. I ate many sandwiches in a series of Subway spots for Vice Media starring myself and Kyle Cease. Best. Job. Ever. I’m a North Carolina native with a BFA in Musical Theatre, which means I can make the best sweet tea you’ve ever had, and tap dance while doing it. I currently perform standup in and around Brooklyn, and have produced several music videos starring myself and my talented friends. I am thankful to my moms for laughing at my jokes all these years, driving me to Annie rehearsals, and forcing me to play sports.

Roles typically played by Jes