Faust's On Camera Essence:
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Faust's 7 Sec Slate

Faust's Skills:

  • Pilates ✭✭
  • New York Accent ✭✭✭✭✭
  • Jazz, Ballet, Tapp ✭✭✭

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Faust Checho

Faust Checho (pronounced ch-EE-cho) grew up in a very boisterous (no, literally boisterous, his older brother is almost completely deaf and by the time he was born his parents...well, yeah) Italian-American Family though you can’t tell so much from his name. Faust has a family of his own now with two beautiful children, Luciano & Massimo, who you can tell are Italian from their name. Can you tell he has a penchant for learning from past mistakes? Faust is immensely passionate father to his boys and he brings that same passion and commitment to his work on stage and in front of the camera. Faust is a consummate professional who’s always working, whether it be on TV, Film, on-stage, or in class. He has had and continues to enjoy training with some of the greatest instructors walking the planet, including George Morrison, Patsy Rodenburg, Maggie Flanagan, and Larry Moss. Checho is also an award-winning filmmaker and has been producing and acting in feature films since 2009. If you’ve seen any of them, you already know that he is in fact the real deal!  

Roles typically played by Faust