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Caitlin Clouthier

Caitlin was born and raised a Navy Gypsy, with no proper hometown and in a near constant state of adventure. Eccentric, shy and a little funny-looking, Caitlin found solace and connection from the torment of her Ginger youth in the Arts. She understood at a very early age the power of storytelling and that it was her destiny. While completing her BA in Theater from the University of Washington, the beloved family black sheep was accepted into the Yale MFA Acting program at 21 years old. It was there that her insecurities were transformed into strengths and her oddities into superpowers. Caitlin is an unafraid, proud ‘Character Actor’, ready to smash some feminine archetypes and blaze some trails. Top 3 dream roles at the moment: Medusa, Sherlock Holmes and a Dragon.

Roles typically played by Caitlin